SweetLeaf Water Pack and Coffee and Tea Pack!
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Travel Size Stevia
All natural, no calories, no carbs, no bitter aftertaste, and endless uses.

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops bring pure Stevia extract to liquid form. With 36 servings per bottle, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Each pack comes with 3 different flavors for your Just a few drops equal the sweetness of a teaspoonful of sugar. Drop this pure Stevia extract into your hot or iced coffee or tea. You’ll love getting sweet without paying for it in calories or chemicals. Safe for diabetics, too.

Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf® Sweet Drops™ Liquid Stevia
Coffee & Tea Pack Vanilla Creme English Toffee Chocolate or try the
Water Pack Berry Lemon Drop and Valencia Orange
  • NEW
  • Liquid Stevia Sweetener
  • ZERO Calories, Carbs, Glycemic Index
  • Coffee & Tea pack
  • 3 Flavor Bottles
  • 111 Servings

Delicious in Coffee Tea and Water!!


Add 1 drop per 2 liquid ounces. Adjust to taste.

  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Carbs
  • Zero Glycemic Index
  • The Natural Alternative

Convenient and economical to use
Zero calories, zero carbs
Absolutely no chemicals, alcohol, or glycerin
Pure Stevia extract in water
Safe for diabetics
Can be used in cooking, baking, hot or cold beverages, and many more uses

  • Item #: Sweet Leaf Water/Coffe/Tea Pack

SweetLeaf Water Pack and Coffee and Tea Pack!

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