FOR BEST RESULTS use this Slim Support before and with HCG!
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Slim Support 2 oz Liquid

Homeopathic liquid drops no HCG in product. This product will assist you in weight loss before, during, and after you take the HCG drops. FOR BEST RESULTS this product is used before, during and after the HCG protocol and program. Slim Support includes 20+ ingredients that assist with boosting the metabolism, ridding toxins and supporting the organs, glands, and systems of the body. This helps to reduce the potential of a "plateau" during a round of HCG. 30 drops per day are recommended and can be taken orally at the exact same time as HCG drops. At the recommended dose amount, this 2 oz. bottle is sufficient for 44-47 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Slim Support formulation has offically been discontinued and replaced with a formula called SLENDER PLUS. We are excited to offer this new product to aid in our protocol for the HCG Program. You should experience similar results with the Slender Plus as you have with the Slim Support, and in many cases there have been even better results reported by individulas using Slender Plus. More information will follow with the ingredient listing. Pricing will stay the same.


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FOR BEST RESULTS use this Slim Support before and with HCG!

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